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At Trumotive, we believe automotive repairs should be hassle-free and with a peace of mind to our customers. We know that servicing a car can be daunting and even more troublesome if not done correctly. We let our customers know our true intents and our truest motivation. Trumotive is established so that we can provide  customers with full transparency for the right service and for the right price.

Meet Em, he has been working in the automotive industry for many years dating back to 2004. As a Certified Master Technician, Em is experienced in understanding the root cause of several automotive problems and resolving the issue in a professional matter.

Em developed his interest in cars during his teenage years. Over time, he was able to transform his interest into a career. However, one thing remains unchanged, being a mechanic is not just a job but a passion to him. For Em, working on any customer’s car is like working on his own. He believes each car deserves his best attention and care.

A mechanic fixing car
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